Distribution Partners Wanted

Distribution Partners Wanted

GA2 Medical Sdn Bhd is currently in the process of expanding our existing distribution network and is therefore seeking suitably qualified and interested Companies to include GA2 Medical products into their portfolio of promoted and vended products and to become a DISTRIBUTION PARTNER.

GA2 Medical is a world class manufacturer of medical plasticware products located in Malaysia. Despite being uncomplicated, our products are used in substantial quantities throughout hospital wards, operating theatres, day surgeries, nursing and respite facilities, GP and dental clinics, pharmacies, laboratories, and other healthcare facilities every day, in every corner of the globe. Significantly, they commonly compliment other capital, consumable and surgical products and equipment sold into and used within these facility types and are a perfect inclusion into custom procedure packs and kits.

With our hands-on approach and commitment to service excellence through solutions, not problems, we strive to build long-term collaborations as a reliable partner.

Trust our first-rate team, with their ‘çan do’ attitude and decades of combined industry experience to support your organization’s needs.

We understand that through integrity, support and trust, partnerships are grounded in an unwavering belief of mutual success.

We pledge to you the best possible product, service and support at the best possible price as an ISO 13485 and CE certified and compliant company.

Benefits to our partners include strong margins from high turnover products of outstanding quality.

Leverage our capabilities as an experienced and vertically integrated manufacturer to mitigate risks, reduce costs and increase the efficiency of the overall product cycle through OEM Manufacturing.

We understand that every DISTRIBUTION PARTNER is unique, every situation is different.

DISTRIBUTION PARTNERS turn to GA2 Medical for many reasons. But, in most cases, it distills down to a single word: TRUST.

TRUST in our experience.
TRUST in our solutions.
TRUST in our consistent quality of products, support and service.
TRUST in our genuine interest in forming a PARTNERSHIP that makes everyone grow.

Selecting GA2 Medical as your DISTRIBUTION PARTNER and a contributor to your business success is a significant vote of confidence. We’d be pleased to apply our experience, solutions, quality and interest to your needs and start to gain your trust. We will be your PARTNER, not simply a supplier or vendor.

Backed by our 6-Point Promise

Since the day we started, our 6-Point Promise here at GA2 Medical drives every facet of our business, and it drives the promises that we assure each and every client.

Unlike many other similar businesses in our industry, our 6-Point Promise is not merely marketing content, but our clear promise that we uphold on the inside and outside of our business.

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